Music Career Fear

Last time, i shared with us, the definition, origin, symptoms, causes and  the solution or cure to “Melophobia“. And in case you’ve forgotten, i did told us that Melophobia is the fear of music. I equally said that it’s “a combination of two ancient Greek words Melophobia (The human effort or craft of making or creating music) and Phobia (Fear)“.

Today, i will go further by giving us the opposite of Melophobia, which is “Melomania”. Melomania,on the other hand, in and of itself, is the unexplainable and uncontrollable love of music.

Have a lovely and successful MUSIC CAREER💯💘✌

Rest in peace the Notorious B.i.g

Exactly 21 years ago today, March 9, 1997. A hip hop rap icon,Christopher Wallace, better known by his stage names Biggie Smallz and the Notorious B.i.g,was shot dead at a stoplight in Los Angeles. He had traveled to Los Angeles, California in February the same year- 1997 to promote his upcoming studio album, “Life After Death“,and to shoot the video to its lead single “Hypnotize“where he met his untimely death.

Once again, rest in peace or, better still, “Life After Death” to the Notorious B. i.g.

Steps To Creating A Successful Music Career

Everything in music business is all about provision of services. How to provide to services was brought about through “creative or constructive thinking”,provision of value adding services brings success through which career fulfilment, I.e happiness, money,fame,health, etc, is achieved.

So without value adding services there can be no success, and therefore you can also imagine that the more services you are able to render the more successes you will get in your music career.

As a matter of fact the more you are far away from delivering value adding services, the more success will be far away from your music career. As time passes the little successes you have recorded in your music career may even be taken away from you by other musicians who knows how to provide value adding services to everybody they work with in the entertainment business.

The word “THINKING” in this write-up does not, of course, refer to wishful thinking, but to PURPOSEFUL THINKING, which means to perceive, think and see a thing from end to the beginning, and again, from beginning to the end! Simply put,you should try to know the results or outcomes of every action beforehand.

Having said that, i want to draw our attention to the music industry as it is currently constituted,which is today moving far away from value adding orientation to opportunistic money making orientation, because it has been left in the hands of money-grubbers, due to win-lose or lose-win music business partnerships. Money is and will always remain “a generally accepted means of exchange and measure of value”, “a means to an end”, and that is what it ought to be; “a servant not a master”

Money is part of success, but not success in and of itself; to have money is a sign of been successful, while success itself is the result of delivering value adding services. On the other hand, service is the result of thought; therefore, the combination of thought and service gave birth to SUCCESS of every kind.

“This harmonious co-operation of” THOUGHT, SERVICE AND SUCCESS, given to artists and record labels alike for their benefits,was disturbed by win-lose or lose-win music business partnerships. And as time passes it was completely killed and buried, so to speak, because due to musicians and record labels mindsets of making money at all costs,the concept of rendering value adding services became more or less practiced in the music industry. So over the years “get rich quick syndrome” has passed on from one generation of musician to another; because even up and coming young musicians came with the mindsets that everybody has to FAIL AND FALL for them to succeed in the showbiz industry.

All the sufferings and struggles in this industry were caused because an artist and/or a record label on account of its gift, can but, has refused to render value adding services that can meet everybody’s needs; on the contrary just because of this gift “he could and also should have had an uplifting influence, for that was and is his real task in” the showbiz industry, in which provision of value adding musical products and services is first and foremost. This will lead to a successful music career, “which would be the natural thing”,but it can also lead to music career failure,”as is the case with” many musicians today.

I have said that success will continue to be far away from your music career the more you are far away from the concept of providing value adding services, which is the starting point of success(money, fame,endorsement deals, peace of mind,etc.)

That is exactly what it is with the music business today. Through solely wanting to get, without first of all giving, success have become increasingly far from musicians. As a result success in music career is becoming ever more difficult to achieve, and thereby many musicians has already given up on their music careers.

To work with the above interpretations, it is important to remember that record labels,music producers, promoters,club owners and entertainment journalists are all facing scarcity of musicians who can render value adding musical products and services, they are also facing scarcity of resources (money) to promote the careers of hundreds of thousands of musicians who approach them for record deals. The music companies with their limited available resources (money) cannot promote all musicians! Since musicians are far more than their resources. To solve this problem, the music industry will choose and work with the value adding musicians, while they will leave the music “economic non contributors” to suffer.

Generally, music companies and musicians both “face the problem of scarcity” which led “to the study of what to produce, how to produce, for whom to produce and how to” market the value adding products and services that has been produced.

The aforementioned problems involves “choice” and every choice involves “sacrifice” or decision, the greater the sacrifice the greater the money, honour, fame,respect and every other thing the Entertainment Industry has offer.
Every musician regardless of the kind of music he or she does; whether hip hop, R & B, jazz, blues,Afro beat, Afro pop, high life, etc, is faced with the aforementioned problems, and providing or not providing solutions to them will either bring career success or failure.

music career problems;

“What To Produce”


“How To Produce”


  • After determining the values you have for the Showbiz Industry Gatekeepers “the next problem is determining how to go about producing those commodities (values) and the production techniques or methods to be used.” Your money will solve all of these problems!

While having enough money will get you the best music producer, music career mentor and enough airplay that will in turn take your music career far and wide, the lack of money and entertainment business knowledge will deal a deadly blow to your music career, and this is why you should be studying with a qualified and practical music career mentor on how to commercialize your musical talents.
For Whom To Produce


Having value adding musical products and services to sell and knowing how to sell them is good and are the starting points of success. But they are not enough “until and unless” you know those who needs your musical products or services, and actually get it across to them, because musical production process is not complete until your music get to your fans. So begin right now to determine who your fans are! Your loyal fan is the king and does no wrong, and knowing who he or she is, is one of the steps to the success kingdom.

Finally, your duty as a worker in the music industry should be to:

  1. Efficiently utilize the skills, time and money you already have (invest them where they are mostly needed).
  2. See and create opportunities even in the midst of problems.
  3. Promote win-win music business partnerships.
  4. Protect the interests of your fans and clients alike. With all these in place there are no limits to what you can achieve in your music career.

How Do I Start A Successful Music Career?

How do i start? This is one of those many questions troubling the minds of musicians, particularly the up and coming ones! They ask such question maybe because they know partly how lucrative the music industry is, and they would want to start a career therein, but are fearful and unsure if they are well prepared enough to do so.

But will it be surprising to you if i say that the answer to the above question is actually inside the question? Yes you heard me right! The answer to “how do i start?” is inside “how do i start?”, and the the answer to the question of “how do i start?” is………….. How to start is to START.

Say this to yourself over and over again for the next one month that the best way to start and grow a career in showbiz is to actually START! There’s no other way for you other than starting with what you have and from where you are. You’ve got to start with the little you currently have, build your music career from personal money or with loans from family and friends. Big names in the music industry all began like that! They were not willing to wait for everything to be perfect, instead they started with what they had, built on it, and today they are all super successful musicians.

To do this, you must know how to keep cash flowing in, by learning different ways you can commercialize your musical skills from a practical music career development coach, learning from your mistakes and improving your musical products and services, you also need encouraging word of mouth from your family and friends. This idea may seem difficult but it will allow you greater control over your career in the early days while you wait for sponsors.

The world we are living in has never been and can never be a perfect place until and unless you and i choose to do the right thing by going for what we truly want; and what we want must benefit the people around us! If what you want to achieve in the entertainment industry won’t help the people you work with make more money than they spent, then don’t do it! It’s a bad music career choice that must not be made at all.

To start and grow a career in the music industry; “there are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first” ask the right music career questions; “Second”,get your questions answered by someone has actually achieved those things you want to achieve in the entertainment business; “third” apply the answers in your music career.

Step 1: Ask the right questions
The first step to achieving a successful music career is to ask yourself the following questions;

  1. How do i become that musician who organizes unforgettable live shows?
  2. How do i become that musician whom music lovers can’t stop thinking and talking about?
  3. How do i become that musician whom Record labels, Club owners, Music promoters, Entertainment journalists and Entertainment lawyers would want to work with?
  4. How can i help my Sponsors make more money than they spent?
  5. How can i help my Partners reduce expenses?
  6. How do i create opportunities even in the midst of problems?
  7. How can i become a valuable asset instead of a liability to music companies?

Step 2: Get the answers to your questions

Do not deceive yourself, you cannot answer those questions yourself. As a matter fact,the appropriate person to advise the woman who just lost her husband is a widow; because she has actually been there, she has actually felt the loneliness, she knows where the shoes pinches. So she only can advise a widow on how to cope with the grief of losing ones husband. In a similar vein, only a musician who has previously suffered rejection, dejection and desertion in his music career, and has managed to overcome them all; that is the only person who can and will help you start and grow a thriving music career. The rest can only talk about what they have read in books, without they themselves having experienced or practiced what they are preaching. Remember this, and choose and work with a qualified and practical music career development coach.
Step 3: Use the answers in your music career
On the last of the three steps on how to start and sustain a thriving music career, i will say in the wise words of Charles F. Haanel; “This exercise consists in making an application of your knowledge. Knowledge will not apply itself. You must make the application. Abundance will not come to you out of the sky,neither will it drop into your lap,but a conscious realization of the law of attraction and the intention to bring it into operation for a certain, definite and specific purpose, and the will to carry out this purpose will bring about the materialization of your desire by a natural law of transference. If you are in business, it will increase and develop along regular channels, possibly new or unusual channels of distribution will be opened and when the law becomes fully operative, you will find that the things you seek are seeking you”.
After you’ve asked the right questions and gotten answers to them. It’s now your responsibility to USE the ANSWERS to grow your music career; because no one can do it for you.
But hold on! Since there’s a “How to start”,it also presupposes there’s a ” How not to start” a career in the music industry. And of course, there is! So without further ado, let us see how not to pursue your music career, or why music careers fail.
The avoidance of these mistakes “is the beginning of” music business success:

Why Music Career Fail 1:

Lack of systematic and systemic plans. Without plans your music career will fail.

Why Music Career Fail 2:

All plan and no action.

Music business needs more than systematic and systemic plans, “a good plan is no good” until properly executed. Good plans and corresponding actions makes a you good Entertainment Entrepreneur.

Why Music Career Fail 3: Mismanagement

To be crowned a champion in this “lucrative and competitive Creative Industry” you must be a good manager of “Manpower, Materials, Machines, Methods and Money”! It’s as simple as that.

Why Music Career Fail 4:

Lack of Entertainment business knowledge

Without knowledge and a practical application of what you know there’s no music career success.

Those were some of the many reasons why you are still finding difficult to make it in the music industry,which i want to believe that because you’ve read and absorbed this thought-provoking article will avoid.

If You Truly Want To Succeed In The Music Industry, Listen To This!

You who truly want to make money and name in music do not deceive yourself but get knowledge and understanding!

Through the “law of success” you are forced to pay for the wrong choices you made in the past, which you can never escape. The results of the past wrong music career choices you made through believing you can make it all alone, associating with negative-minded musicians, believing that everybody has to fail and fall for you succeed, not working a qualified and practical music career coach, and not developing multiple streams of music related income can be paid by no one but yourself! Think about it seriously and objectively, were it the other way round music business success “would be but an empty sound,in which case everything else would also” fall apart.

Therefore free yourself from music career blindness! Do not delay a single minute in putting an end to this career blindness! Only a complete knowledge and understanding of how music business currently work, together with corresponding actions and a truly heartfelt prayer, will bring career success! Without a complete knowledge, understanding and corresponding actions there can never be career success. Sufferings and struggles will then continue to be your portion. Poverty, failure, unhappiness, complaints and regrets will be your constant companion, and thus you will try and cry forever with nothing to show for your efforts into your music career.

Then there will never be progress in your career because of your lack of understanding of music business. It’s like you are in a prison; and there is very great danger of being imprisoned still further. Therefore, you who are still reading this or already giving up on your music career, pull yourself together at last and concentrate your efforts on your dreams! With corresponding and consistent actions the end of your sufferings and struggles must come, since he who concentrates on his dreams and acts accordingly will make it to the top his career. This will bring you money, fame and peace of mind,which alone permits you to join SUCCESSFUL MUSICIANS CLIQUE. “Listen to the warning! There is no other way for you!”

But thereby you also know for sure that it can never be too late; that the moment when you honestly begin to take consistent actions backed up with knowledge and understanding you mark the end of your “sufferings and struggles”. Rest assured that this end must come one day, and your music career success will immediately begin. “Whatever you then still encounter is for own good and brings you nearer to the hour of” your music career success.

Do you now understand the importance of my advice to start getting  knowledge and understanding of how music business currently work from a qualified music career coach, and to take consistent actions? Not giving up, but pursuing your music career with all your power? “It will uplift you! It  will change you and your environment!” Remember that success in music industry as in any other industry is not a one day job but everyday job,and that you will not make it overnight with one single album. You will only make it with consistent actions!

If you ever imagine that with one single album you will make it big, you are only deceiving yourself. Surprised, “you will come face to face with the truth and will have to begin your path of suffering!” Your music career, deprived of false picture of success,whose weight surrounded your music career “like a wall, will then be attracted,enveloped and held fast by” unsuccessful musicians with false picture of success.

It will be more difficult for you, and for a long time impossible to pursue your music career, which could empower and help you to grow,because you are completely under the influence of unsuccessful musicians with false picture of music career success, who does not have the kind of success-mindset that might awaken and support you. So you must suffer doubly under everything you have created for yourself and your music career.

For this reason music career growth is much faster when you surround yourself with musicians with success-mindsets and learn from a qualified music career mentor who has actually achieved what you want to achieve in your music career,there is no other for you to make it……… This music industry is a school in which every artist is given the opportunity of further music career development according to his own freewill.

Therefore wake up at last! The result of every choice will return to you, now or later,”and you have to taste of! No one can escape this fact!” So “face the facts boldly!” “You thereby make it easy for yourself; for here progress is quicker.”

Make a start! But realise that music career success is not something you achieve in one day. “Do not except blessings to rain down upon you immediately, as many” musicians do. Maybe you still have a long way to go. But if you give up because of that you only harm your music career, because nobody can do it for you. Through delay you only make everything more difficult for yourself, and even for a long time impossible.

This should encourage you not to delay another minute; for you only begin to pursue your music career “when you take the first step!” And Link by link success will crown every step you take if summon the courage to do so.

The consequences of your past wrong career choices that are standing before you like a wall inevitability preventing your career growth, will indeed not be pulled down, but on the contrary will be laid out before you so that you may recognise and overcome them. However, filled surprises and gratitude, you will soon see the success that surrounds you as soon as you only show your success-mindset.

If you are patient enough the way to music career success will be made as easy for you as a child’s first steps, “aided by its mother.” Should there be things in your former career choices that were a silent source of fear to you, and which you would rather let sleep forever…….unexpectedly you will be placed directly before them! You “must decide, must act”. In a noticeable manner you are forced to do so through sufferings and struggles. If you then take the first step, trusting the power of your success-mindset, the door of opportunities will be opened for you.

But the more successes you achieve the more problems in some form or the other presents themselves to you, requesting  to be solved.

So one by one the problems that prevented you from pursuing your music career are taken away. You now have peace of mind! And the peace of mind which you have enjoyed at one time or the other is no fake, but something real. Career success usually bring happiness and peace of mind.

And so your music career must continue to turn around for good because you’ve put systems in place to work for you. Bad systems will press both you and your music career down,while good ones will lead you forward and upward.

Because of this, too, great minds “has already shown you the simple way leading unerringly to your goal. For deep truth lies in the simple words:” “mutually beneficial business partnerships”(win-win partnerships).

With these you can achieve success in your music career! “Because it is an irrefutable fact:” that if you help everybody you work with to make more money than they spent they will in turn reward you handsomely with music business opportunities.So if you don’t know how to provide valuable services for everyone you work with in the music industry begin right now by:

  1. getting money making education and actually apply them in your music career.
  2. Develop success mindset: Success mindset will lead you to take the right actions, while right actions   will bring about desired results.

Thus with mutually beneficial business partnerships or win-win business partnerships the end of your “sufferings and struggles” in the music industry is near. As a result, you free yourself and your music career from problems which you are constantly creating for yourself through believing that everybody has to “fail and fall” for you to make it. So become wise. Get music career education at last!

Away with the music career lies that brings the false beliefs that “musicians have to get lucky, get discovered, and to do that they need to be in the right place at the right time” encouraging you to spend your whole music life in fool’s paradise! You are deceiving yourself if expect that from the music industry! I have said this before but it’s worth repeating that unless a musician has an absolute knowledge, understanding and corresponding actions his music career plans and goals will continue to be all talk and no action! Remember this,and do the right thing!

Is your prayer your problem? Or your problem your prayer?

I will attempt an answer to the above questions by first of all rephrasing them to mean: Is it that you don’t pray well enough that you are confronted with music career problems?, or that your music career problem is that you don’t know how,when, where and what to pray?

Huh? Something is wrong somewhere! Then what is it? How come you pay tithes; you even fast and pray religiously, yet your music life is far from being profitable? It can even be said that your music life is an embodiment of troubles, struggles and hurdles which you must cross if truly want to make it at all in showbiz. Take a minute or more to think about that!

You are welcome from your soul-searching exercise back to this thought-provoking article.

A successful music career! Is it really achievable? “Why” do you often ”encounter obstacles when thinking more deeply about this axiom? Simply because the fundamental idea is wrong”; for Apollo the “god of music, poetry, art,oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun,light and knowledge has and will always provide answers to your music career questions provided you seek the right answers to the right questions! You are, however, too intellectually and spiritually lazy to do so! But without asking the right questions, there can be no right answers to your music career challenges.

What is branding? How does branding work? What are the effects of branding in business? All these questions are talked about in the video. Click to watch.

Where a request or prayer has been seen sent out, an answer must be provided,”else there should a vacuum formed”; because there can be no DEMAND without SUPPLY. As a matter of fact and entrepreneurial clarity demand and supply are directly related. The one cannot be thought of without the other; for they are one the same. If you demand a successful music career, the “god of music” will give it to you, because he is the great provider. The music industry has not denied you anything, it has given you everything.

Your music career requests have all been granted but “the noise of your endless prayers only grows louder and prevents you from hearing a single word” from your music career helpers. The barriers you created also prevents you from seeing and recognizing your destiny helpers!

As stated earlier, your music career request has been granted. So how? When?, you ask! OK, i will tell you!

Your Music Career Prayer 1: To start with, you seeked an employment opportunity in the lucrative and competitive Creative Industry and you were given a high paying job as a musical artist for you to sing for the people, sing with the people, dance for the people, dance with the people. yes, for you to sing and dance away their sorrows.

Your Responsibilities As An Artist.

Responsibility 1: Selfexpression

It shall be your sacred duty to express yourself through the way you think, the way you talk and the way you walk. But don’t get it confused yet! For Self-expression to take place there must be something in you first. So start reading educative and informative books to enable you build your vocabularies. Don’t just read; research and meditate on all you’ve read so far. Know and understand the industry you want to earn a living from by studying with a qualified and practical music career coach or mentor who has actually helped other struggling musicians to achieve success in their music careers.

Responsibility 2: Entertainment

Responsibility two is entertainment. Be entertaining! Let your audience see,smell, hear,touch and taste your Self-expression (your street credibility). “Let them know your steez”. Take their minds away from the sufferings and struggles of everyday life and you will be seen and regarded as their Number #1 entertainer; because that’s who you are.

Responsibility 3: Impression

You’ve got to create the Impression in the mind’s eye of your fans and clients of one who is competent, confident and consistent in producing and delivering value adding musical products and services.

Simply put,you are in the music industry to express yourself, entertain and impress music lovers.

Your Music Career Prayer 2: “I Want To Make Money With My Talents”

After you were given musical talents, your worry naturally was how to convert your musical talents into money and power,and the same giver of talents answered your prayers by commanding you to:

  1. Get a complete knowledge and understanding of the music industry, and also take corresponding actions.
  2. Do away with the destructive mindset that every other musician has to fail and fall for you to sail to your music career Holy Grail. You see,in this industry, there are no competitors but colleagues who needs help just like you to make it successfully in your individual music careers. So collaborate instead of competing with other musicians.
  3. You should not go into showbiz with the sole intention of grabbing, making, taking or receiving money; for you are in this industry to create wealth through “the production and delivery of value adding products and services”. And if you do this money, fame and every other thing the “god of music” has to offer will chase you left, right and center instead of chasing them.

Your Music Career Prayer Point 3:I want to sell my musical talents, but I don’t know where and for whom to sell to”

Answer: To start with “where to sell”. Where to sell your talents is where you are now. It is from selling your music where you are now that you can move to selling in other places not close to you; because the roadmap to marketing musical products or services is a logical one, with one step following and being followed by yet other steps.

Now to “for whom to sell to”.

Solution: sell to yourself first! If you can’t enjoy your music, then, how do you expect other people to buy,listen and enjoy your music? If you are not proud of who and what you are,then how do you expect others to be proud of you? If you are currently not promoting your music career,then how do you expect others to promote it for you? If you can’t feel,hear and see success in YOU, then how do you expect the “god of music” to give you the success you cannot see?

So you see? Until and unless receive and accept the “do it yourself principle”‘ your music career will continue to be all talk and no action with success being faraway from you!

In conclusion, when you’ve learned to treat your music career as a Business that needs your whole attention and concentration, then you have learned how,when, where and what to pray for in the music industry, and because you now know and understand success principles coupled with corresponding actions, everything you do shall prosper.

The Responsibilities Of Record Labels Explained.

A Record label should be the company which has taken up the responsibility, to market “music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, co-ordinates the production, manufacturing,distribution, marketing, promotion and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos; also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists; and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers.”

It should be the company which has taken up the responsibility, but unfortunately this is not yet so; for otherwise many things would have been quite different if record label owners had fulfilled those responsibilities to their artists. The right way for this would be win-win partnerships. But all we see today is win-lose or lose-win partnerships, into which the careers of musicians are afterwards to be forcefully prevented from developing further. “Thus the opposite way is taken, which naturally might just well be called the reserve or wrong way, that can never really be” in the best interests of artists.

As a result many a musician are held hostage, which in another way could be called a career prison, and only then can you understand the level of damages done to artists and their careers by record labels.
Many music industry contracts destroyed instead of building artists careers, because the right concept of artist management has not yet been found, which the opportunistic record labels can never give!

The opportunistic money making tendencies here, which is directed against the artist, is only too evident, and the disadvantages are far more than the advantages.

On the other hand, only that which is not in line with success principles can have maximum disadvantages. Evidences of risks associated with signing contracts with record labels, however, are many in the present day record labels, where simply everything that is against the law of success informs their contractual agreements.

However, just by deliberately never promoting mutually beneficial music business partnerships, but always only promoting win-lose and/or lose-win partnerships, record labels make the greatest mistake; because mutually beneficial music business partnerships is in the best interest of both the record label and the artist, its plain enough for everyone to see,there is nothing hidden and difficult in this concept, its in accordance with the law of success, which is service to all in the music industry.

Only the knowledge and application of what you know can bring success, help and peace of mind. But ignorance and non application of these success principles will sooner or later bring failure; “for nothing that does not stand on a firm and solid foundation can endure permanently”

That is why so many record labels quickly goes out of business when it need not be so. This includes many musicians, producers, promoters, songwriters,music teachers, etc,which had to go quickly because their successes came too quickly.

“In the simplest and clearest manner” a great mind showed to record labels in HIS word the right way to transact their music business: “our problem is to keep an open mind ,to constantly reach out for the new, to recognise opportunity, to be interested in the race rather than the goal, for the pleasure is in the pursuit rather than the possession.”

Unfortunately, however, record labels have not followed the way to the discovery,development and management of musicians. Instead they always blindfold their artists into signing contracts that will put the artist in a career prison, thereby record labels are feeding fat on income streams of artists, while their artists are living in pain and poverty, which was bound to cause disagreements because it is not in accordance with the law of success which is, “greatest good for the greatest number of” artists,and therefore, strange as it may sound, it’s also opposed to the roles of a true record label, although they call themselves talent discoverers and promoters.

So is it,for example, with the music promoters, bloggers and marketers who promise artists overnight success in order to get artists to pay them so that they would listen to the artist songs and/or for artists to pay for their songs to be posted or promoted on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Did the super successful professional musicians, who are perfect examples in this competitive and lucrative industry, ever said a thing like that? Of course, they did not! And this is a proof that success in the entertainment industry “is not overnight but overtime!”

Many of the super successful professional musicians has been seen and heard to say that it took them many years of sufferings and struggles to get to where they are today: this is opposite of what the music promoters,bloggers and entertainment journalists are promising.

And surely record labels, music bloggers, promoters and entertainment journalists would wish through win-win music business partnerships to promote musicians careers, otherwise they would not be music career promoters.

Certainly, successful music career is 100% possible, and which, with absolute knowledge and understanding of the whole processes is a forgone conclusion, a “sure banker”. These processes however has always been there from the beginning to the end of time, and has never changed and will never change!

And it is this success principles, the knowledge and application, not just the knowledge itself, but the application, that will always bring “health,wealth and all power” that the entertainment business has to offer to persons who knows and applies them. Through the application of this principles, money, fame and power often comes quickly that people call it an overnight success or miracle!

However, it is never possible, even for an artist under a major record label, to achieve financial freedom, because record labels will take with left hand the advances they pay to artists with right hand; the advances they paid to artists “to enable artists concentrate on writing, rehearsing, recording and performing music” are not free monies but debts owed to the record labels by artists, which must be paid in full before the artist can think of financial freedom in his music career. Therefore to make money and name with your talents, every artist must do the following;

  1. should know the business aspect of his or her talents.
  2. try releasing your music yourself.
  3. avoid music industry contracts that will make it possible for record labels to cheat you of the money coming from your “songwriting, merchandising, gig money and anything else you do.” The possible way out is to get music business knowledge to enable you start your own record label and enjoy music career freedom.
  4. create a website and build your website’s traffic. With your website in place, you can sell your songs directly to your fans, get their contact details and impress record labels, music promoters, club owners and entertainment journalists.

And since record labels and musicians alike can only make it in the music industry with knowledge and the provision of superior services, it is therefore important for them to look within themselves to see how they can be service providers instead of service consumers.

To do this they need much more than talents! In addition to talents they also need practical knowledge, understanding and corresponding actions.